MRI Manual Wheelchairs

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SKU: 926MRI or 928MRI


Two Models to choose from

Model 926MRI featuring 650 pound patient weight capacity  

Model 928MRI featuring 850 pound patient weight capacity


26” wide seat
20” deep seat 
Seat to floor height 18”
Full length removable arms
Swing away footrests
Rear anti tips included
Distinctive blue color helps staff immediately identify MRI safe wheelchair

Special Notice: Non-clinical testing demonstrated that each product (1000MR / 4000MR / 4000MR Q2) is MR conditional and can be used in the MRI environment according to the following conditions: Static magnetic field of 3 - Tesla or les Spatial gradient magnetic field of 720 - Gauss/cm or less Note: these products are intended for use inside the MRI environment (e.g., in the MR room, close to the scanner). However, they should not be utilized directly inside of the MR system (e.g., inside the bore of the scanner).

Made in America and distributed by ConvaQuip Ind., Inc.